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... is an Austrian non-governmental organisation working in sustainable development cooperation. Based in Vienna, with offices in the four focus areas East Africa, Central America, Senegal and Mozambique, we are backed by eleven Austrian Catholic grassroots organisations.

We support partner organisations and locally-led initiatives through co-financing based on grant schemes, medium to long-term advisory services and knowledge management to facilitate learning and sharing processes.

Our projects and programmes are embedded in two main sectors, Human Rights & Civil Society and Sustainable Livelihoods, where they strengthen activities in Gender Equality, Climate Action and Policy Dialogue.

We work with communities who have been marginalised in claiming their rights and leading self-determined lives, foremost with smallholder farmers, disadvantaged women, children and youth, women’s and human rights groups as well as indigenous people.



What we stand for


What we stand for

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Buen vivir for all: We strive for harmonious, collective development.

We implement high-quality programmes and projects in cooperation with partner organisations mainly in countries in Africa and Latin America through our core instruments of co-financing, advisory and knowledge management.



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