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Climate adaptation and compensation in Senegal

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ACCLIMAT: Empowering Communities for a Resilient Future

We are pleased to announce the presentation of our 5-year climate adaptation project, ACCLIMAT. This important initiative, funded by the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology and Welthaus Graz, aims to enhance the resilience of communities in the Sine Saloum region of Senegal. Our efforts are in close collaboration with our partner organisations, Caritas Kaolack and Carem.

Visit in Austria

Edouard Ndong from our partner organisation Caritas Senegal was visiting Austria to participate in several meetings on climate compensation and adaptation.

One of them was a panel discussion at the BildungsZentrum St. Benedikt, Seitenstetten (organised by Caritas St. Pölten) where our colleague Jasmin Thomas, Coordinator of Senegal Program and Helene Unterguggenberger, Head of Programs, Africa, Caritas Austria discussed the topic.

During the roundtable discussion Caritas Austria highlighted its planned climate compensation project together with Caritas Kaolack in Senegal. This initiative underscores the organization’s commitment to climate change mitigation and adaptation. By working on the ground in Senegal, Caritas Austria aims to directly address the environmental challenges while fostering sustainable development.

Thanks for moderation by Christoph Riedl - Head of Solidarity, Communication, Social Affairs, Caritas St. Pölten.

Edouard and Ismael Kaltenberger (Caritas St. Pölten) were also passing by in the horizont3000-Office in Vienna to meet up with Jasmin Thomas and our Managing Director Erwin Eder.

The Vision of ACCLIMAT

The primary goal of ACCLIMAT (funded by BMK and Welthaus Graz) is to strengthen the adaptive capacities and resilience of the coastal communities in Sine Saloum. This will be achieved through a multifaceted approach that includes:

1. Community-Based Ecosystem Management: Supporting local communities to manage their ecosystems sustainably.

2. Restoration of Production Bases: Revitalizing agricultural, fisheries, and forestry production to secure livelihoods.

3. Development of Responsible Economic Activities: Promoting economic initiatives that are environmentally sustainable and economically viable.

4. Capitalisation and Sharing of the Learnings and Best Practices: Awareness raising for local authorities and wider public for gender and conflict sensitive, sustainable management and use of ecosystems.

Focus on Inclusive Participation

A key aspect of the project is the significant involvement of women and young people, particularly those in farming and fishing villages across the seven intervention communes. These communities, situated within the fragile ecosystems of Sine Saloum, are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. By prioritizing their participation, we aim to ensure that the most affected populations are at the forefront of developing and implementing adaptation strategies.

Why Climate Adaptation Matters

Climate change poses a severe threat to the livelihoods and well-being of communities in the Sine Saloum region. Rising sea levels, increased salinity, and unpredictable weather patterns are just a few of the challenges that undermine food security and economic stability. In this context, projects like ACCLIMAT are not just necessary but urgent.

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