Gabriele Me├čner-Mitteregger, Wolfgang Zechner

New on deployment: Gabriele Meßner-Mitteregger


"My professional career is characterized by my preferences for environmental sustainability and communication. My third passion is my interest in the diversity of life and cultures. I am happy about the possibility to connect all these in my tasks as an advisor for horizont3000."

How did you stumble upon horizont3000?

I saw this amazing job offer of Horizont3000, when I was looking for information about Uganda for my daughter, who worked as a volunteer.

Why did you make the decision to work as an tecnical advisor?

To be part of the development cooperation is a recurring desire - a wish that arose in my youth, became strong 10 years ago and is now being fulfilled.

How did your personal environment react?

Almost everyone congratulates me on this big change in my life.

What are your expectations?

Getting to know new sides of life in a different cultural environment and to contribute to more fairness in the world.

How do you feel at the moment?

After the preparation course i know all the uncertainties better than before, but I feel well prepared because now my toolbox is well equipped.

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