Women's support networks

Topic: Gender Equality
Central America
Human Rights & Civ. Soc.

Problem & Solution

In the Chancala community the women asked to work on gender training issues, due to the high rates of gender violence experienced in the area, seeing it necessary to also create a support system to accompany the survivors of violence.​

The solution was to form a network among women, provide them with gender and self-care training and train them in different skills to earn their own income.

the experience

  • A group of women was formed with the aim of forming a support network to provide accompaniment to survivors of violence within their community. A 'victim support route' was created, identifying the risk areas and safe zones in their community. ​
  • In a second phase, the protagonists were the women in the network themselves, as mentors for other women, training them in gender issues. They have been recognised as a reference in the municipality, due to the great progress they have made as a support network. ​
  • The beneficiaries were 27 women between 13 and 77 years old, they were accompanied women, married or single, students and widows.



  • Gender equity: the process has contributed to greater gender balance in decision-making and active participation in the community. ​
  • Social improvements: The Chancalas Unidas Women's Network was formed, with training in gender, self-care and communication.​
  • Economic improvements: Crochet and jelly making were taught to generate income.​



  • Many women suffer from violence and eco-social dependency in their homes.​
  • Women were not taken into account in decision-making.​
  • Women were not aware of legislation and institutions that support women to get out of violence.​


Lessons Learned


  • Women need economic and psychological support to escape violence. ​
  • Women must know their rights and have the tools to defend themselves.​
  • Involving women in a participatory way supports women's empowerment. ​
Realisation period 2022-2023
Location Ahuachapan, El Salvador
Contact Eunice Alas

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