Human Rights & Civil Society

Primary Goals

Advancing social justice through knowledge, networks, and advocacy


Together with our partner organisations we provide tools and training to facilitate political participation and social empowerment of people who have been marginalised. Our projects emphasise interactive and self-sustaining methods and approaches.


Our focus is on full and direct support in cases of human rights violations, as well as strengthening policy dialogue to effect social change. We do so by working with civil society and our target groups as rights holders, but also with duty bearers, like governments and local authorities.


The better organisations can connect and collaborate, the louder their voices grow, and the more pressure is put on duty-bearers. To amplify our impact in this way, we have put an emphasis on networking, exchanging, as well as organisational development.


Our areas of work


Training and sensitisation

  • Training in leadership and political participation
  • Community sensitisation and training in individual and collective rights and how to use them
  • Tools to facilitate social and economic empowerment of women, youth, disadvantaged rural population and indigenous people


Claiming and enhancing rights

  • Support, counselling, and legal protection for those affected by human rights violations
  • Advocacy and policy dialogue, improving legislations and good governance
  • Media engagement and awareness raising campaigns


Strengthening Civil Society

  • Networking and exchanging with actors on multiple levels
  • Strengthen organisational processes, structures, and strategies
  • Mobilisation and securing of resources for organisations


Levels of participating


Together with our partner organisations, we raise awareness and provide information about human rights among people who have been marginalised. In cases of human rights violations, we strive to provide the best possible support to those affected so that they can assert their own rights.


Strengthening and promoting networks and exchanges, not only among our partner organizations, but also with external actors, is one of our priorities. Our technical advisor programme envisages to do just that by encouraging the organizational development of our partners.


Together with our partners we provide trainings for leadership and political participation to combat human rights violations and to engage in policy dialogue. We back up human rights advocacy to put pressure towards good governance and legislation that complies with human rights. Furthermore, we team up with the media and the public to lobby for and incorporate human rights in their agendas.


Diego Freudenthaler

is the Sector Coordinator for Human Rights & Civil Society.

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